Strength Domains 

Maximizing the EXECUTERS


2 Hours






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Dries Lombaard



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Strength Domains

Maximizing the EXECUTERS

​Maximizing the Executers is one of four workshops on Strengths Domains and provides participants with an in-depth look at each of the nine Executing Themes.


Through skilful analysis and deeper understanding of the Executing needs and energies of these nine themes, coaches can develop strengths-understanding on an advanced level.


This workshop will equip participants to coach clients and teams with high ‘Executing’ profiles on an advanced and sophisticated level.

This course is ideal for

  • Current Coaches

  • Aspiring Coaches

  • Therapists, Counsellors

  • Teachers

  • Pastors

  • Parents



  • In-depth understanding of each of the 9 Executing Strengths.

  • Identifying Executing "Super Themes".

  • Identifying Executing "Contrasting  Themes".

  • Knowledge in the drive behind each Executing Theme.

  • Knowledge in the "personal pressure" of each Executing Theme.

  • Knowledge in the "public pressure" of each Executing Theme.

  • Knowing the role of each Executing Theme with regards to its "Strength Title".

  • Understanding the most prevalent miss-management  ("shadow-side") of each Executing Theme.

  • Knowledge of similarities between Executing Themes and certain themes in the three other Domains - and why it matters.

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