Reading Between the Lines Elevating a Full 34 Report


2 Hours






CliftonStrengths All 34 Report

Complementary & Contrasting Themes Workshop.  



Dries Lombaard



ZAR 2'500

US$ 180

Reading Between the Lines Elevating a Full 34 Report

To the untrained eye, a Full 34 StrengthsFinder Report seems to be merely a sequence of terms with short descriptions.


The best Strengths Coaches, though, understand it to be much more than that.


This training will provide coaches with precise pointers and methods with which to unpack a Full 34 Report in a skilled manner to maximize their Strengths Journey with individuals, partners or teams.  Where others see a list of 34 Terms, you will see a unique story of brilliance!

We also show why it is near impossible to truly coach someone only with their Top 5 Strengths.  We show why it is crucial to have insight in the sequence of all 34 Themes., and how the Art of Strengths Coaching goes "beyond awareness" when you know how to interpret a report - not merely in terms of what features "high" or "low", but more in terms of where different themes show up in the report in relation to each other.


This is the true Art of Strengths Coaching. 

This course is ideal for

  • Current or aspiring Coaches who want to use the StrengthsFinder tool at the next level, with maximum impact.

  • Leaders and managers who truly want to manage or lead Strengths-based.


  • In-depth knowledge regarding Theme Dynamics. 

  • Skill in deeper interpretation of an All 34 CliftonStrengths Report.

  • Knowledge regarding the impact of certain Strength pairings or Weakness pairing.

  • Interpreting the relevance of Contrasting Themes or Super Themes in a profile.

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