Dynamic Application of the Strengths

Matrix with Team "Work Zones"



2 Hours






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Dries Lombaard



ZAR 2'500

US$ 180

Dynamic Application

of the Strengths Matrix

with Team "Work Zones"

A Strengths Matrix is a great way to make the variety and dynamics of a team’s Strengths and Weaknesses visible.


Online Matrixes are available to help coaches set up a matrix and make it accessible to their clients.


Dynamic application of the Strengths Matrix with Teams will equip coaches to use a matrix to its full potential and take teams beyond mere ‘shared awareness’.  We also introduce the "Work Zones" of Strengths: areas where different Strengths align best within team-based workflow or projects: the "Launching Zone", "Cruising Zone", "Landing Zone" and "Supporting Zone".  


It will help coaches to use a Team Matrix to determine team elements such as relational risk factors, decision-making tendencies, learning styles, and work pace withing different areas of responsibilities in the team.


A crucial workshop for coaches who regularly work with teams and groups, and for managers or team leaders of Strengths-based Teams.

This course is ideal for

  • Current Coaches

  • Aspiring Coaches

  • Managers and Leaders of Teams



  • In-depth knowledge and skills for setting up, and unpacking a Strengths-based Team Matrix.

  • Skills for facilitating high-impact Team Sessions.

  • Understanding the "Work Zones" of Strengths.

  • Applying the "Works Zones" of Strengths in any team context and practice.

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