Strengths-based Role Alignment -  Best People in the Right Roles



2 Hours






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Dries Lombaard



ZAR 2'500

US$ 180


Role Alignment

Best People

in the Right Roles

There is a clear and distinctive difference between ‘positions’ and ‘roles’ in a team. Although it is preferable that an individual's  Strengths align with their positions, it is often NOT the case.


In this workshop participants will be equipped to identify various team roles and link them to individual and collective Strengths.


Participants will also be shown how to help teams agree on mandates to play to Strengths-based roles without abandoning the crucial position each team member holds.

This course is ideal for

  • Current Coaches

  • Aspiring Coaches

  • Managers and Leaders of Teams

  • Therapists, Counsellors

  • Teachers

  • Pastors

  • Parents



  • Knowledge on the Alignment of every Strength with a prospective Role.

  • Understanding why each Strength plays a specific role so sustainably well.

  • Understanding the specific mandate each Strength needs to play its role well.

  • Skills in facilitating "Role Alignment" within Teams.

  • Real Case Studies of Strengths-based Teams playing their mandated roles well.

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