​​​ Managing Change Strengths 

and the Tuckman

Team Stages


2 Hours






CliftonStrengths All 34 Report



Dries Lombaard



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​​​ Managing Change -  Strengths and Tuckman

Team Stages

The Tuckman Stages of Team Development has been around since the 1960’s but can still be relevant and useful to manage change and growth in teams. Change is a constant and the speed at which it occurs is increasing by the day.


This workshop will equip coaches to help leaders and team members understand how different team Strengths come into play during Tuckman’s Four Stages of change.


It will also look at how leaders can identify the stage their teams are in, how to manage the needs and energy in a team during each stage, how to ensure that a team doesn’t become ‘stuck’ in a stage, and how to align their current development stage with their Team Strengths Matrix.

This course is ideal for

  • Current Coaches

  • Aspiring Coaches

  • Managers and Leaders of Teams

  • Therapists, Counsellors

  • Teachers

  • Pastors

  • Parents



  • Understanding the "Tuckman Team Stages" model and its application. 

  • Knowhow on aligning the Cliftonstrengths Themes within the Tuckman Model. 

  • Skills on how to facilitate change in a team by combining Strengths with Tuckman Stages. 

  • Various Case Studies with real Teams. 

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