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“Launch your Brilliance” is aimed at anyone who is interested or passionate about developing their own potential, or the potential of others, into sustainable drive and impact.


This book is about Strengths – but from a different perspective than what you may encounter elsewhere. All of the applications shared in the book are the results of individuals or teams who allowed the author to apply some of his knowledge or instincts in a Strengths-based experiment in one way or another. Many of those experiments failed – and that is exactly how he came to find the applications that really worked!


There are numerous publications on Talents and Strengths that are limited to the mere description of different Gallup CliftonStrength (StrengthsFinder) talent themes, and how to discover them. Thre are countless leaders, managers, coaches and influencers who are searching for something practical and experiential to assist them with developing themselves or others, something that can take them “beyond discovery and beyond awareness” towards a true Strengths-based life or career.


This book is effectively filling that need in a practical way - while being a great read!

Endorsements for Launch your Brilliance

As the MD of a global multinational firm, and a former coach and consultant myself, I am mostly highly sceptical about the impact a coach or consultant can make.  When Dries introduced his unique Strengths-based approach to my company years ago, I instinctively realized that it was something different – something that will not merely keep people busy as ‘training-window-dressing’, but an approach that will lead to exactly the thing I believe in as a leader and manager – impact and sustainable results! It was also very clear from the start that Dries was a master at his trade.


In his first book on the subject, Dries explains his basic interpretation of the Strength-based approach in a practical and easily digestible way.  You will lead and manage better if you read this, and take it seriously.


After 5 years, I still work closely with Dries – professionally and personally. I even attended numerous Strengths training that he facilitated. I would recommend this book as a critical resource to all leaders and managers who are serious about impact in turbulent times.  Read this book, apply it, and watch the magic happen.”


- Luis Miguel Falcao, Sales & Marketing Strategist, and former country manager at BASF AP Southern Africa, and AVENG DFC.

Dries Lombaard produced an invaluable resource in Launch Your Brilliance.   There are so many valuable contributions contained in this book, but what truly stands out to me is Dries’ emphasis on providing keys to developing your Talents into powerful, life-changing Strengths. What Dries communicates so clearly is the CliftonStrengths assessment is not just about discovering your greatest Talents and Strengths, it is about developing and applying your Strengths to change your life.


This book represents fifteen years of Dries Lombaard modelling the launching his own unique brilliance and how he helped thousands of others to do the same. What Dries presents is not the reworking of the content of other books written on StrengthsFinder but truly new content and invaluable insights to maximize the development of your unique set of Strengths. 


As a fulltime professional Executive coach, I will be incorporating Dries’ insights and wisdom into my practice.  I am convinced that Launch Your Brilliance will quickly become a required resource for CliftonStrengths Coaches globally. It is a prized addition to my personal library.


 -    Joseph V. Cavanaugh III; Executive Coach and Consultant and former Director of the Gallup Faith Practice;  Omaha, Nebraska.

Books to follow by Dries Lombaard

“Launch your Leadership”

A guide towards Strengths-based leading, managing and teamwork


“Launch your Coaching”

A guide towards Strengths-based coaching and development


“Launch your Relationships”

A guide towards Strength-based collaboration, association and union

“Launch your Parenting”

A guide towards Strength-based parenting, education and nurturing

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